Performance, Stress and Complexity

The Yerkes-Dodson law states that performance increases as arousal (stress) increases, up to a point.
Also, the curve on the performance/stress matrix varies depending on the task complexity.

Some insights for us, as product managers […]

Why it’s an exciting time for Product Management

There has never been a better time to do product management. Why? Here’s some food for thought: Overall technological progress. It’s needless to restate all the technological innovation that has been going on lately. Technological innovation means being able to solve needs in novel ways. As a product manager, you are right in the middle […]

The journey of the Young HR Pros community

I’ve created Young HR Pros on a Saturday in November 2011, as a Facebook group. The description was short: “For people that have a passion for HR. Shared knowledge, insights & practices on HR topics”. After discovering that one of the best ways to address a need in your life is to create/join a community […]